Press Releases

December 1, 2013  - German Industrial Investment Property

Robin J. Humble, President of Nelson & Neilson Commercial Real Estate, returned from a trip to Germany in November for due diligence on a current listing as well as evaluating new investment real estate opportunities in Germany’s robust Rhine-Ruhr industrial, manufacturing and trade economy.  She was specifically looking for those with a strong logistical infrastructure serving the growing export market.  She states, “Along with searching for new opportunities we are currently listing a mid-level industrial property in the city of Hamm.  It has a strong tenant base, light manufacturing and distribution mix of firms, and within close proximity to rail, canal, air, and trucking logistics.  It has become increasingly important in our global economy to have close proximity to multifaceted logistical infrastructure.  An investor looking for a stable mid-level investment with a guaranteed income stream should consult our listing at:

November 1, 2013  - Representing Charter School Start-Ups

Nelson & Neilson worked closely with a client who was pitching a creative arts charter school in New York City.  This was a challenge for the Firm because it involved a synthesis meshing the educational intent of the school with a property that supported and enhanced the creative aspirations inherent in the concept and design of the school.  Robin J. Humble, President of Nelson & Neilson Commercial Real Estate reported: “The Firm worked closely with the originator of the school concept, which included the many functions and requirements that needed to be built into the facility.  This was particularly challenging because of the human and creative elements necessary to facilitating and supporting so many diverse design elements.  Several promising and acceptable properties were located for possible school sites with design support from DF Gibson Architects.  The pitch was made to the New York State Education Department.  While the charter was not approved, a strong case was made and there is the real possibility that this very necessary school will have a further chance of acceptance in 2014.”